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5 Must Have Walking Books

Books every walker should have on their bookshelves

The walking route planner team has decided to take a look at some of the best books that every prospective adventurer should have on their book shelf. Whether you feel like a trek up a distant mountain or a gentle amble through the woods, there’s always a walking route available, often close to where you live.

The following shortlist contains some of the best resources every outdoor walker should have, combined with inspirational reading to help push you to find your own exciting scenic routes. Remember, it’s a world of adventure waiting to be discovered – but it’s only enjoyable if you’re well prepared. Know where you’re going!

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by Matt Beardshall

Whether you reside in the UK or are planning to visit, in search for scenic surroundings, breath-taking views and cultural experience - it doesn’t really get any better than the British Isles. A marvellous and gripping journal, Coast to Coast takes a look at the challenging aspects and physical preparation involved in the seven-day challenge of travelling 180 miles from the east coast to the west.

With experiences from the Lakeland fells, the limestone dales, the wild North York Moors and all points in between, Coast to Coast is an inspiration read for any lover of the great outdoors and walking. This isn’t necessarily a promotion of trying to do exactly what they did, as you’ll soon see that even 18 months of planning simply wasn’t enough, but more an insight into what can be done when you put your mind to it. There are also some great locations that could be worth a day trip if stumped for ideas.

by Caroline Sylger Jones

This book doesn’t concentrate so much on walking, but is more of an insight into inspiring journeys across the world including some of the most inspiring routes. The author applies their own practical first-hand experience, along with recommendations for guesthouses, villas and places to eat.

This book manages to hit the word “escape” on the head, providing creative ideas to help individuals towards beneficial personal development. Remember, you aren’t limited to walks around where you live – why not plan to travel around the world to visit walking routes in exotic, far to reach places. To encourage a personal desire for discovery, why not pick up a copy of Body & Soul today.

by Ramblers’ Association

The United Kingdom is a wonderful place, but could you name 50 of the best viewpoints across the isles? The majority of us probably couldn’t, but this book is a great excuse to get started on your great adventure. Put together by some of the best in the business, the Ramblers Association leads over 20,000 walks each year across the country.

With their unrivalled knowledge of Britain’s footpath network, the Ramblers Association have picked 50 of the top walks in Britain, around some of the most scenic surroundings. The walking routes are described in good detail, with information about local interested, places to stay and eat along with useful visitor information. We found a great feature to be the walking route ranking system – Each walk is given a duration along with difficulty level – Perfect to help you decide on a walk before travelling out.

by Casey Meyers

Even if you’re not a fan of walking now, you may decide to change your entire view of walking after reading this book. Casey Meyers was diagnosed at risk for a stroke and heart attack. Ever since the news in 1995, Casey Meyers has been walking every day in an attempt to improve his health. In an inspiring story, the 79 year old has been running hundreds of walking clinics across the country to help spread the beneficial word of casual walking.

This may not be a read for the avid walkers amongst us, but if you’ve just started ambling through some local walks, you may find this book to be perfect for you. The book works to explain why walking is one of the best exercises for your body, with plenty of clinical data to back up the arguments made. Along with acquiring the best walking technique, this book works to build your confidence in the most natural form of exercise the body can handle – without the danger of injury.

by Lonely Planet

The Lonely Planet book series is renowned for creating well written, easy to follow guides for city breaks and popular holiday destinations alike. This walking book includes walks throughout England, Wales and Scotland with two colour contour maps for each walk. Standard visitor information such as accommodation and transport information are available, along with a “best of” section which highlights first class walks.

Whether you’re a virgin walker, a keen “go get em” weekend walker or avid lover of long treks, this book will certainly prove useful to you. Many new walkers are always put off by the daunting task of reading complicated ordinance maps, or the sheer thought of trudging in the wrong direction for long periods of time. This book takes all uncertainly away, and provides you with a perfect resource to become a permanent Countryside Evangelists!